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Tiger With Python


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Shiva Tiger

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I was in the Pench National Park (M.P). Pench lie’s 195Km from Jablapur & 95Km from Nagpur City.

The Jungle of pench lies in Satpura Range.Pench is the land of Mowgli “The Wolf Boy”.

Pench jungle is situated on the bank of river pench. The home of Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear, Indian Wild Dogs (Dholes) & more than 250 species of birds.

I was with group wildlife photographers from UK & we all were doing the photography of 2 years old male tiger cub, who just separated from his mother & trying to make his own presence in jungle.

The tiger cub was very magnificent in looking & he’s having very dark skin.

We named him “shiva”, Shiva is one of the 3 lords in Indian Mythology. The tiger cub having mark of “Trident” under his right eye.

At present the shiva is 3.5 years old, the father 3 cubs (easily seen now in pench forest.

It was the cold morning of December month & we were following the shiva since 6:30 from morning on elephant back. But we unable to get any pics of him coz he was on his move for morning meal. But being a new cub (2 years) & just separated from his mother, he was not much aware the law of jungle (survival of fitess). Till 8:30 he tried at least 8-10 attempts on sambahar deer, spotted deer, langur monkey & all other different herbivores ,but wasn’t success to make any kill for his morning meal till 9:00 am.

Shiva was starving & I can see how restless shiva was. Due to starvation & frustration shiva charged many times on elephant. But it was mock charging, to make the other animals scared.

Shiva was on his trial to take another chance to make kill of sambhar deer. As the deer was just 300mtrs away & suddenly deer been alerted by the alarm calls of Langur monkey, due to the alarm calls sambar got alert & seeing shiva moving towards him, he ran away ,vanished in to the tick bamboo bushes. Shiva again disappointed & charged on elephant. Shiva moved towards the tick bamboo bushes where the smabahar deer ran up, suddenly shiva noticed something is lying on the ground, he moved towards it.

It was python (Indian rock python) yellow coloured with black patches on its skin. Python just swallowed something as we could see python clear from elephant back.

Python might have swallowed spotted deer fawn coz there was mark of identification what it swallowed. Python was more then seven feet in length & its stomach just became like balloon.

Shiva kept staring on python for more than 5 min, might be shiva thinking for its next move. Just after seeing the python lying on ground shiva decided to move towards it, shiva found its morning meal after trying for 3 hours.

Shiva moved towards the python & took a long circle came just behind the python, where shiva was there were very thick bushes & shiva made him sit there for 10-15 mins, shiva tried to go near the bushes but the bushes were so thick he was unable to go through it & he could not reach python, now shiva moved from there & took a circle & came near to the python, being a 2 years cub & not knowing much, shiva started moving slowly-slowly towards the python, now shiva was hardly 20 mts away from python, he reached near to python & moved his right paw towards the head of the python & suddenly python attacked on shiva, shiva being caught by python on his neck, just moved his head in action very fast & python unabled to keep its grip on his neck, again shiva was unable to make any kill for his morning meal, after keep trying more attempts shiva was finally able to have his breakfast of spotted deer fawn.

It was one of the best experiences I had with tigers & I will never forget it.


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