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Human Nature vs. Nature (Part I)

(The human understanding of the universe and humans)

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"We are made from the ashes of stellar death. Some scientists have whimsically imagined the meanderings of a single carbon atom, released in the explosive death throes of a star, drifting for eons across intergalactic space, landing in a gas disk that eventually formed Earth, becoming chemically altered, and finally being inserted into a chain of life as part of a nerve cell that guides a human hand to write about it." - National Geographic

The human understanding of the universe is extremely limited. The human understanding of the human race and its main mission on the planet Earth is even more limited. In this essay I would like to discuss some aspects of the nature and human nature in their unity and interconnection from the personal responsibility point of view.

A prehistoric Italian iceman nicknamed "Otzi" was shot in the back with an arrow and killed 5000 years ago. Every day people are shot and killed by other people. What is wrong with human nature?

It is absolutely unbelievable that people are made from the ashes of stellar death just to kill each other in the intergalactic space. Or, maybe, people are made to love and to be loved, to pass a chain of life from one generation to the other, nurture and maintain life in all its diversity, heal the sufferings brought into being by other people, understand the deep relationship of all aspects of life on this planet? Do we really have the right to conquer and dominate nature, space and each other?

Some people think that all those atoms, stars, galaxies, planets, humans, animals, trees and flowers appeared on the planet Earth from nowhere for no reason whatsoever. And they do not really care about it at all. As long as they are drinking beer, eating pizza and watching TV they need nothing. They are set. Why bother, they are as disposable as the waste they throw out every day. Trash in the car, trash in the house, trash in the fat body and empty soul, trash in the mind. Hey, trash this planet, nuke it. We can find the other one! Really?

Some think that our Solar System with its central star - the Sun, surrounded by nine planets, by moons, by asteroids, dust, and gas is formed purposely. With only one intention in mind - to preserve all forms of life in a quiet neighborhood of the Milky Way through love and care. They are the most hated people in the world with the name "environmentalists". Why do they so concern with life on Earth?

The origination of life on our planet is still remains a mystery. Life is a mystery. Life is a unity of everything alive in nature. Life is a metaphysical thing. True mystery of life is love. Earth is a living body constantly giving birth to a new life, spirit and compassion. Let's look again why Earth, at about 150 million kilometers from the sun, is the perfect spot for sudden appearance and millions years of evolution of life on its surface.

Criteria for our life is a certain composition of energy, water and particular atmospheric conditions (the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air). The sun light is the perfect source of energy for this planet. Liquid water (not too hot, not too cold) is the main conductor of all life processes.

It is interesting that oxygen appeared on Earth only about 500 million years ago, but life itself in the form of bacteria has been traced to 3.5 billion years deep. It means that very slowly primitive forms of life took control over the atmospheric composition altering it for its own development, growth, and reproduction. How amazing! Even primitive life forms could take control! What about smart animals - humans and their primitive way of thinking about nature and human nature. Are they able to take control over both of them?

There are certain theories of the origin of life. Was life originated from a deep ocean, or from a mixture of molecules subjected to lightning, or from seeds from the Moon, or arrived here from outer space on meteorites, comets, asteroids, or created purposely by God alone in 6 days, or established by "gods" from the 12-th planet? We can only speculate about it.


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