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Kiwi Travels Part 3

Email I Sent to Friends and Family While Living In New Zealand

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From Franz Josef we headed down to Wanaka. This is where I started to get sick. Because I had been so cold and so wet and used so much energy for so long at Franz Josef, I reckon my body had it with me. I started to get a cold and did feel like doing much. The next day we went to Queenstown.

Everyone was so excited to finally get to Queenstown, we went out for a

Night on the town. Big mistake. I had to go to bed at 130 cause I felt bad. I woke up the next morning with a fever. Even though I didn't have a thermometer, I knew I had a fever. I didn’t do anything that day. The second full day in Queenstown I went bungy jumping, still with a fever and feeling pretty crappy. You can check out the bungy website at I’ll send another short email with my picture numbers on it so you can see them. I did the "Thrillogy," three jumps in one day. The first jump I did was the Kawarau Bridge, The World's first bungy site (43m). Then I went straight to Nevis Highwire Bungy, the second highest in the world (134m). The highest is in South Africa. Denis would be mad if I didn’t mention that. What an insanely high jump that was. You can’t think about it. All I can say is wow! Good fun. When I did the Nevis jump, they accidentally recorded over my Kawarau bridge jump, so I got to go back and do the bridge again! I was supposed to do The Edge Bungy, Queenstown's only urban Bungy, (47m) that evening, but I was feeling pretty bad. By now the cold had blossomed into the full blown flu. I had the whole shibang. Couldn’t eat for the three full days in Queenstown. I wound up doing the ledge bungy the following day. That was all I did. I had to rest more and left Queenstown the day after the ledge jump, feeling really crappy, but better than I was when I arrived.

From Queenstown I headed up to Christchurch. I was still feeling crappy so I only stayed a night. Didn’t see much, but from what I understand, if I were to miss a city in New Zealand, it would be Christchurch. Not much exciting stuff. From there, we headed to Kaikoura.

Kaikoura is a nice little town. Koura is the Maori word for crayfish

(lobsters without pinchers to us in America), and Kai is eat. Now guess what they are famous for. They have just off shore a 3km deep trench. I went whale watching there and was really impressed with the company. They put us on a boat with two 715 horsepower jet engines which meant we could get places fast. Instead of sitting in the boat staring into nothing, the boat had an educational interpreter on board. He manned a computer at the front with a large plasma screen TV above him. He would tell us about the area and use computer animations. Showed us a depth meter that changed constantly. At one point it was 215m and then five seconds later it was at 2516m when we went over the trench. He showed animations of sperm whale and we could comprehend the size of the whales, what they ate, how they dived, why they were called sperm whales, etc. It was good fun. Yes, I saw some sperm whales.

From Kaikoura we went back to Wellington. It was nice to come back. I was to go out with my friends from the Fatz, but I felt too sick. The next night, my last night in Wellington, I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 230am. I went down to the Fatz to meet everyone and needless to say, got really pissed. Did I say really pissed? I meant really really pissed. Somehow I got on the bus at 730am up to a small lodge on the Rangitiki river called "River Valley." I left my phone on the bus or at the Fatz, not real sure, so if anyone has tried to call me, sorry! Alison, ill shoot you an email to let you know the details of my flight to Oz. I'm arriving march 10!



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