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The Start of Adventure Education

The Birth of Adventure Education

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The start of Adventure Education is something that might make you wonder, what is this Adventure Ed. Adventure Ed. is a program that we have at our school (Langley Middle School) were a teacher will take about 30 students on a sailing expedition through the San Juan islands. They will stop at about 3-5 different islands and camp out over night on the island. after staying there over night they will pack up and and set sail for the next island.

Most schools wouldn’t do this because of the fear of being sued or the chance of a student getting hurt. our also has this worry but the school is confident in are students to act mature. This program was actually started over a decade ago. How it started was two teachers, chris burt, deiced to take some students out on a sailing trip in our langley harbor as his ss class. Then after a while they started taking kids out in the harbor and spending the night. Then they got to thinking that they might be able to take some kids up to the san juan islands for about 5 days. First they had to get some boats to take up there and buses and chaperones and permission slips and all those things. Eventually the program took off and it was successful, so they continued to do it and now after 10 years it is still going strong.

Some of the exciting things that you would get to do on the sailing trip are, you get to have the oppurtunity to work on a sail boat and act like a sailor along with getting a chance to drive the sailboat. another thing you get to do is have a camp fire and play a lot of awsome games and sing, its really fun if you never were in to boy scouts. Another cool adventure that you get to experience is, to go kayaking around an island or out in the middle of the San Juan's.

On the two boats that you go on (sail boat, tug boat) you get to do things that you would never think of. On the tug boat you get to clean the decks and go up in the pilot house and hang up there and look at the radar and see how deep the water is and stuff like that. On the sail boat theres a lot more jobs to do. Some of the jobs are: helm, witch is were you drive the sail boat. There are also different look outs like starboard look out, waist look out but my personal favorite is bow look out. Bow look out is when you go to the very front of the boat and look out in the front and make sure theres nothing that can be a hazard to the boat like a log in the water or passing boats. The best part is that you get to sit in the front of the boat all by yourself and it’s just amazing, its one of those moments that you have to experience.

As you can see this program is very exctiting and it involves the student body a lot and the only way that this can happen is if the students get all the arguments made and get chaperons and plan almost the entire trip, other wise you don't go. This program is very neat and i enjoyed it a lot so i encourage other schools to try and start a program like it.


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