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a land of beauty and contrasts

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Camel Trek, Dunes of Merzouga

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I still have warm memories of my trip to Morocco in May 2001...sweet, hot mint tea, the eerie stillness and silence of the desert; the sweeping, majestic High Atlas mountains; the gorgeous water falls of Cascade d'Ouzoud; the windy, seaside town of Essaouria; and, the lovely people we met in many different places. It was a land of contrasts and great beauty, both the landscape and the people.

Yes, we did encounter some scam artists and very aggressive people trying to sell us things, but we also met some warm and wonderful people, for instance, two guys in shop in Essaouria who didn't mind that we tried on a bunch of jellabas and scarves and filmed the whole thing and then even invited us to lunch in their shop to share a fish tajine; Mustafa, whom we met in Ait Benhaddou who loved to be photographed (and is very photogenic, I must add) and gave us a tour of a local Berber woman's house, a woman who posed for us in front of her ornate wooden door; and, the guides of both our camel treks, playing music long into the quiet of the desert night.


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What have been your good and bad experiences with local people when traveling to another country?

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