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By: Dakota Bridgeman

At the beginning of the third quarter, I thought it was going to be another boring quarter. But then I walked into Mr. Freundlich’s fourth period Adventure Education class and got a huge suprise we got to go on a seven day sailing trip to the San Juans. The catch was that we had to do all the jobs. My job was to send Captain Stone a letter asking him where we should meet him.

After about 45 days of hard work we where ready to go on our trip to the San Juans. At the end of the bus ride I saw the “Marly L,” “Cutty Sark” and the “Foreign Affair.” Right when got off the bus me and my friend walked onto the Mary L. The captain of the Mary L showed us all the cool electronics he had in his office. My favorite electronics in the wheel house where the different steering mechanisms.

The second Captain on our trip was Captain Will Black of the Foreign Affair. He was very nice because he taught me how to steer a boat with a handle that connects to the rudder. His son was also very nice. His name was Leo Black. One of the reasons I liked Leo was because he always played with his cars while we where trying to sleep. One more thing about Captain Will Black was that he let us pretty much just hang out on his boat. The only jobs we had to do was steer and put up and down the sails.

Captain Stone was one of the most unique captains of them all. Captain Stone’s boat was called the Cutty Sark. On the boat we would have a hole hour of work before we could take an hour break. I think that Captain Stone taught us the most. He also taught us about the weird animals on Speiden Island.

Even though some of the captains were very boring I think that they they taught us alot of things about life and what we will need to do. I think the captain that taught us most things was Captain Stone. All the others captain's where great to because we wouldn’t of even had a trip if we didn’t have them.


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