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Backyard Babies

A portrait of newly hatched robins

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Baby robins respond to the camera as if it were their mother with a meal.

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As I walked through the backyard of my home in the early summer, I was startled by the sudden rush of a robin taking flight literally at my shoulder. She alighted from a bush right off the back porch.

Immediately, I suspected a nest, and close scrutiny of the bush revealed a cluster of 3 turquoise eggs.

Several days later, I took another peek to find the eggs replaced by 3 blind and hungry robin chicks.

Ordinarily, nests require some effort to look into, so out of interest of not bothering the nest, I stay away.

But here was an opportunity to look into a nest chest level, right off my porch!

I grabbed one of my digital cameras and set it on a macro setting.

Placing the camera above the chicks, the jostling of the bush set of the "mommy is back with a worm" response. The chicks pointed their open beaks upward to receive a meal.

While the anxious parents watched me from a nearby tree, I took a quick photograph of the kids. Soon, they were grown and fledged, but I have this photo to remember them by.


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