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Caring Enough To Explore

Seeking Answers In the Wild

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Although it's hard to imagine that there are untouched places left to explore, you'll learn from the explorers and adventurers featured in the Exploring Our World channel that truly wild places still exist, if you know how to follow your compass.

You'll also learn that some of the greatest places to explore are right in your own backyards.

But whether you're exploring a distant land, or a wild place in your own community, the common bond you'll share with fellow explorers is a curiosity about what's down the next trail, or just around the bend.

With increasing regularity, however, the explorer's curiousity is matched by a concern for how long a favored wild place will be spared from the encroachment of modern society. And if the encroachment can't be spared, how can the impact at least be softened as people try to sustainably live side by side with nature.

This mixture of curiosity and concern has been the driving force behind our own One World Journeys Expeditions. From the mountains of the country of Georgia to the rainforests of Costa Rica, our spirit of exploration has been combined with a search for answers to the problems plaguing our planet's special places and species.

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