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Explore Georgia, Caucasus

Traveling across Georgia

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Ananuri Monsatery Complex


Sightseeing in Tbilisi: Sulphur baths (Middle Ages), Narikala Fortress (4th century) Sioni Cathederal (7th - 19th centuries) Bazilika of Anchiskhati, (6th - 18th centuries) Karvasla, (19th century) Metekhi Church (13th century) Trinity Cathedral, and Ethnographic Museum of Georgia.

Travel to the old capital of Georgia - Mtskheta to see Svetitskhoveli Cathedral Church, (11th century), Samtavro Church (11th - 13th centuries) Shiomgvime, (6th century), Ethnographic Museum of Mtskheta and Cross Monastery

Visiting Kakheti - the motherland of wine. Includes Bodbe monastery (6th - 7th centuries) where St. Nino's cemetery lies, Alaverdi Church (11th century) Academy of Ikalto, Ensemble of Monasteries, (6th - 9th - 10th- 18th centuries), the beautifully restored town of Signagi, Gremi Town-Fortress (15th century) Monastery Shuamta (6th - 7th centuries). Visiting Tsinandali, the place of unique sorts of the oldest wines. Tasting Kakhetian wines and traditional dishes.

Travel to Kazbegi - Residential Ensemble of Ananuri (15th - 18th centuries), Resort - Pasanauri, Trinity of Gergeti (14th century)--very beautiful church under a glacier (5033 m. high)

Visiting mountainous areas of Georgia - Historical architectural monuments of Khevsureti (11th - 16th centuries) and the town-fortresses: Shatili and Mutso.

Day 6: Meskhet - Javakheti. We take to you the beautiful Borjomi-Kharagauli reserve, the world renowned mineral resort Borjomi, Stalin's summer residence in Borjomi, the Church of Timotesubani, (18th century), fortress-town of Khertvisi (12th century), and the historical rock monastery Vardzia.

Visit to Kartli - Samtavisi Church (11th century) Fortress of Gori (12th century) Stalin's apartment in Gori, Sioni of Ateni, (7th - 11th century), and the oldest town shaped in rock - Uplistsikhe (AD 2nd century).

And we are off to Imereti - Samegrelo to see the Ensemble of Monasteries of Ubisi (9th century) Ensemble of Monasteries of Gelati and the Academy, (12th - 18th century) Bagrati Church (10th - 11th century) Ensemble of Monasteries - Motsameta (7th century) Sataplia cave (dinosaur footprints), the oldest historical fortress-town - and Nokalakevi (AD 2nd century) archeological excavations from the oldest town of the antique period. Accomodation in a Kutaisi hotel.

The highlight of your journey will certainly be Svaneti, one of Georgia's one of the most beautiful mountain corners. Here we will visit Mestia town and the ethnographic museum of Mestia, where you can see one of the most unique collections of the ancient Christian era. Travel to the highest point of Europe - Ushguli village, 2200m. from sea level (the most beautiful and oldest stone house village)

Onward to the Black Sea shore of Georgia and the resorts of Kobuleti and Batumi, Gonio fortress (1st century). Accomodation at a hotel in Batumi.

From the sea to the mountains of Racha, and the health resorts of Shovi and Utsera. See the perfect architectural works of Nikortsminda (11th century) and Barakoni (13th century). Relax at Shaori lake.

The last day is certainly not the least! Visit to David Gareji Monastery (6th century) and the archeological museum of Dmanisi, where there are one of the oldest heads of men and women discovered by scientists (dating back 1,75 million years).

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