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Journey to the Sea on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers of Northern california

A wilderness and wild river adventure from May 14th - May 28th 2005

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Preserve and Protect the Klamath and Trinity Rivers

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Journey to the Sea

Is a journey yet to unfold ripe for fun and adventure

May 15th- May 28th - 2005

A Journey to celebrate the Klamath and Trinity Rivers in Northern California, to have fun and unite with people that love and appreciate rivers and work towards their protection, restoration and preservation.

My Journey to the Sea began 25 years ago when in 1980. I arrived on some remote land on the South Fork Trinity River, I arrived a young raving idealist. Wanting to live in harmony with my brothers and sisters and the earth. The two families that initially found the land ran down to the River to meet us, glad to see new faces after a remote winter with no visitors. The river was raging and they boated across and picked me up and we boated back to River Spirit almost getting swept down the river. We built houses out of young fir poles and boards milled from local logs. We planted gardens and had families. Had good times and bad, learning life lessons.

In 1995 I turned 40 and spent 30 days going to all the springs where South Fork Trinity River originates. I prayed to the holy waters and then prayed on the peak of North Yolla Bolly and Eagle Rock Mountain. I realized the need to help protect, restore and preserve the South Fork Trinity watershed. The Salmon have gone from a historically abundant fishery to the brink of extinction. I prayed for their return, and then I hiked the 50 miles back home to River Spirit.

I have worked for the last 10 years on educational programs to show people the beauty of wild places and to give them the tools to work to protect it.

In 2005 I will be turning 50 and celebrating the Klamath-Trinity Rivers by hiking and boating from the headwaters of the South Fork Trinity River to the Sea. I am encouraging people to join in the adventure and head down to the sea from one of the many salmon bearing headwaters or join in anywhere along the way. It will be a fun and exciting way to connect with local residents and grass roots activism and to learn more about the ways the native people are working to take care of their home rivers. This Journey to the Sea is a volunteer effort to increase the awareness of the national importance of the Klamath Trinity basin and the need to protect and restore it for environmental, economic and cultural uses. There are many issues that are damaging the rivers and many people working on solutions. I look forward to seeing this still wild watershed and meeting with people that love the river and would like to protect it. Rendezvous on May 24th at the confluence of the Klamath and Trinity River and the final Klamath River Rally where the Klamath meets the Sea on May 28th will give folks a chance to meet with local tribes and river activists and have a traditional Salmon dinner cooked on sticks around a fire.

There is no charge to join but everyone is expected to take care of his or her own needs. Raft Companies, guides and groups may ask for fees or donations for their services.

For more information and to join go to


Community Question

Would you like to join me on this adventure to save the Klamath Salmon from extinction?

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