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About Us


Editorial Board

Founder, Publisher

Russell Sparkman

Marketing/Public Relations/Advertising

Kevin Sparkman

Business Operations

RoseAnn Alspektor

Managing Editor

David Riordan

Creative Director

Tim Gasperak

Lead Programmer

Neil Berg

Members Story Editor

Sherry Mays

Members Story Editor

Karen Huntt Mason

Expedition Production Team

Senior Producer

Denise Rocco-Zilber

Web Development

Michael Zilber

Flash Designer

Jade Michael Carter

Field Technician

Toby Malina


Marian Blue

Journeys Council Members

The Journeys Council is comprised of the talented photographers, writers, educators and explorers who have joined our One World Journeys teams in the field. We'd like to thank them for their cooperation and support.

Jack Dykinga

Master Photographer, Sonoran Desert Expedition

Pat O'Hara

Master Photographer, Georgia Revealed Expedition

Patricio Robles Gil

Master Photographer, Jaguar Expedition

Jeff Foott

Master Photographer, Palmyra Atoll Expedition

Natalie Fobes

Master Photographer, Salmon Expedition

Gary Braasch

Master Photographer, Mercury Rising Expedition

Peter Neysmyth

Writer, Georgia Revealed Expedition

Elizabeth O'Hanlon

Writer, Georgia Revealed Expedition

Chuck Bowden

Writer, Sonoran Desert Expedition

Bill Broyles

Guide, Sonoran Desert Expedition

Terry Tempest Williams

Wirter, Palmyra Atoll Expedition

Brooke Williams

Writer, Palmyra Atoll Expedition

Yvon Chouinard

Bonefishing Guru, Palmyra Atoll Expedition

Susan Zwinger

Writer, Salmon Expedition

Bill Dietrich

Writer, Mercury Rising Expedition

Fraklin Viola

Videographer, Palmyra/Salmon Expeditions


Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.

—Chief Seattle

During the past couple of years, our teams of digital journalists have produced exciting and educational photo-documentary expeditions that connect online viewers to unique wilderness areas around the world.

Our stories have been inspired, in part, by talented nature and wilderness photographers whose extraordinary images, along with their commitment to conservation, have served to inspire others to protect special wilderness areas and threatened species.

Now, it's your turn. With the introduction of the Journeys Corps of Storytellers, you can share your own stories about your personal connection to nature and wilderness. Whether your stories take place in your community or involve travel and adventure in faraway lands, One World Journeys is a place to share and become connected to others who share your passion for our planet.

Together, we'll build the largest collection of stories on the Internet about the natural world—stories by people like you that demonstrate how all things are bound together and that all things do, indeed, connect.

Very truly yours,

Russell Sparkman

One World Journeys is produced by FusionSpark Media

FusionSpark Media excels in the creation of original multimedia web productions and documentaries that inspire, inform and influence audiences. For more information, visit the FusionSpark Media web site.

One World Journeys Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

One World Journeys reaches a broad audience ranging from 8 to 80 years old, across a range of interests including outdoor photography, outdoor activities, science and social studies education and travel. Sponsorships and advertising opportunities can be tailored to fit the needs of a sponsor, including offline branding as well as online branding activities. For more information, please contact Russell Sparkman, President/CEO, FusionSpark Media.

Special Thanks

Over the years, in addition to the Journeys Council members, we have been encouraged, supported and motivated by a wide range of people including family, friends and associates. Without their support, large and small, One World Journeys would not exist.

Kohei Koie, Fuminori Sato, Erik Olsen-Kikuchi, Akira Kasai, Noriko Sparkman, Guy and Maia Sparkman, Suzanne Sparkman, Gwen and Kyle Sparkman, Scott Ross, RoseAnn Alspektor, Erwin Schalker, Tina O'Hara, Margaret and Peter Dykinga, Chuck Cook, Paata Shanshiasvili, Nana Gerasimova, Alec Gerasimov, David Hoffman, Chris Terrell, Steve Freligh, Kim Ainsworth, Susie Richards, Chris Burt, Alexis Gerard, Katrin Eismann, John McIntosh, Richard Bangs, Rick Smolan, Tom Mangelsen, Kelly Goto, Rick Ingrassi, Toshiya Tsukamoto, Chiyo Kubota, Komatsu, Ian Cameron, Kathy Viola, Tom Kennedy



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